Who doesn’t love the Oscars? While they can’t boast the wild-eyed, drunken chaos of the Golden Globes, they bestow an undeniable shimmering pomp and circumstance to America’s only royalty—the Celebrity. But, much like the events of Britain’s royalty, the Academy Awards can get a bit Dullsvile.

Which is why it helps to gather your friends around the television and throw a fête worthy of such a night, complete with themed snacks (Dallas Buyers Club Sandwiches anyone?), Oscar-nominated -film-inspired costumes, and play-along ballots paired with a healthy wager.

You can head over to the Oscars’ Web site for the official ballot…or you can download ours, which, we’ll point out, has reciprocated twenty-four-fold for the Joaquin Phoenix snub.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone, and a very merry Oscars to you all.