Robert Allen Zimmerman—AKA Elston Gunn; AKA Blind Boy Grunt; AKA Bob Landy; AKA Robert Milkweed Thomas; AKA Dedham Porterhouse; AKA Lucky Wilbury; AKA Boo Wilbury; AKA Jack Frost; AKA Sergei Petrov; AKA Bob Dylan—is seventy-fucking-five years old today. Which is clearly crazy.

Also, I guess if you live in the public spotlight for 50+ years, you’re granted the option of taking on 10 nicknames. I got Chicken Legs in middle school + Trot Farter post-college, so I guess I’m doing alright, all things considered.

KCRW‘s celebrating Dylan’s dodranscentennial on their 24-hour music station Eclectic 24 noon through midnight today, with originals, rarities, covers, interviews, and music that’s inspired Dylan over the years.

Above, Dylan + Joan Baez performing “When the Ship Comes In” at the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom (AKA, the “I Have a Dream” march) back when we had all those race + class issues in America and there was all that civil unrest. Not like these days.

Footage of the performance below. Happy birthday, Boo.

Photo: Rowland Scherman – U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.