The first thing you should know about Sky Ferreira is that she’s really young. Not like toddler prodigy young; more like still figuring out who the public persona of “Sky Ferreira” is, young.

This isn’t at all a criticism—I’d love to still be young!—it’s more of an observation that reveals two sides of a swordIn one sense, she seems very emotionally thinned-skinned, living her songs’ lyrics as she sings them on stage in a wide-eyed yet endearing way and even bringing herself to tears in front of her fans. She also seems to still be figuring out what the Sky Ferreira sound is, touching on everything from danceable electro power pop a la Robyn + Ellie Goulding; to 90s-grunge-influenced live numbers; to twangy crooning songs like “Lost in My Bedroom” from her most recent 2012 EP, Ghost.

But, once you get past the overly morose public persona—which prompted Refinery 29 to title their interview with the singer “Sky Ferreira Is Sad All The Time (But Glow-In-The-Dark Stars Help)”—you’re likely to come to a mutual conclusion: This young woman’s got a lot of talent and we’re just beginning to hear the first of what she has to offer.

I mean, hopefully. Or she could blow up + go down in a fame-induced flurry of flames before we get beyond this new EP. But if the live show we saw out in LA a couple weeks ago and her newer material are any indication, we’re putting our money on no flames; more great music.

Born + raised in Los Angeles, the classically trained, 20-year-old singer recently made the move to New York City and, if you compare her earlier, very poppy LA-based work to the Ghost EP, this city has aged her, Reader. So, welcome, Sky, and we’re sorry, I guess—it’s a tough town. We suggest copious trips to LA.

Listen to the 80s-infused pop song, “Everything is Embarrassing” below and then, as a bonus, since we left you high-and-dry for a bit there, check out her stripped-down cover of Miike Snow‘s “Animal” from a while back, both below.

Like? You can listen to a full stream of her EP on her soundcloud page and purchase it over at iTunes. Those of you on Facebook (so, not you, mom) can also grab a free download of Unicorn Kid‘s remix of “Everything is Embarrassing” on her page.

And cheer up, Sky—summer’s nearly here; we swear.

Photos—Hedi Slimane (above); Ricky Opaterny (live, b/w below); + Loren Wohl (live, color below).