The new single from Los Angeles indie heroes Silversun Pickups has been burning up the airwaves of KCRW of late, and we have to say, we’re fans.

The track—titled “Nightlight”—is one of those songs that’s just jam-packed with melodica hooks; to the point of absurdity. I mean, beautiful, ear-worm absurdity, but absurdity nonetheless. It’s like, “Oh, here’s the hook. Nice…. Wait, no, that’s the hook. Okay, cool, I like it…. Wait, wait. THAT’S the hook.”

And then there are, like, three new vocal hooks. Followed by a new keyboard hook right after the first chorus. It’s crazy, I tell you; CRAZY! But awesome-crazy.

The video for the song is equally over-the-top in a very dramatic, extremely LA-noir-cinematic way. Directed by Mark Pellington and starring Meg Steedle, it’s got it all—dark city-scapes of Los Angeles; beautiful, nearly dressed women; random blood splattering; creepy hotels; weird contact lenses; you name it.

All jokes aside, it’s pretty cool. Give it a look/listen/shiver.

Silversun’s new LP—their fourth proper studio album, Better Nature, comes out September 25th and can be pre-ordered in all its various formats now via the band’s site. Silversun are touring now and likely hitting a venue near you; likewise, check their site for more details.