At the start of this year, we told you about about our long-time love affair with German record imprint, Morr Music + our favorite new musical find, Sin Fang, the nom de plume for the extremely talented Icelandic musician, Sindri Már Sigfússon.

As he wraps up his tour opening for fellow Icelanders múm and prepares for Reykjavík’s massive, highly acclaimed Iceland Airwaves music festival, we thought we’d share an interview we recorded with Sigfússon last month.

Listen on as we discuss his early work with folksy precursor Seabear and he breaks down his bizarre visual aesthetic, talks about what he’s working on now, and tells us why it’s so difficult for small foreign bands to play the state these days.

Sin Fang will actually be stateside this week as he plays KEXP’s Reykjavík Calling this Saturday in Seattle. As

Sigfússon explains, Reykjavík Calling is a cross-cultural event that pairs local musicians in Seattle with Icelandic musicians to create new, live collaborations.

Sin Fang is being paired with Seattle band, Kithkin, described as “a Cascadian youth tribe out to spread the hidden knowledge of the forests.” They continue, “Through its rituals and performances, Kithkin hopes to confront crowds about the impending ‘end of things’ through witchee rhythms and chaotic sorcery.” …I’m not sure how I feel about the ‘end of things’, but who DOESN’T love witchee rhythms and chaotic sorcery‽

Reykjavík Calling is a free event, open to the public Saturday night at 8PM at Neumos—925 E Pike St.

Below, listen to our interview, then check out album opener “Young Boys” and the video for “What’s Wrong With Your Eyes”, one of the two videos mentioned in the interview.

You can download Flowers—Sin Fang’s stellar third full-length—via iTunes and order the CD + LP online.