Reader, we’re taking and the ball and running with it, as it were, building off the inadvertent maritime theme we laid out last week with the posting of the invite we designed for Oceana/Christie’s/Susan Rockefeller (below). Thus we bring you (drumroll, please)…Nautical Week!

That’s right, this week, we’ll be bringing you all these nautical.

Er. Maybe not all things nautical, more like…some things nautical. Like, five, maybe. Four if we’re pressed for time or there’s a Cosby Show marathon on or something.

First up this musical Monday—Cleveland, Ohio’s The Lighthouse and The Whaler. Though Lake Erie doesn’t necessarily conjure up images of great white whales and stories of hubris and flawed human souls on a journey to conquer the unconquerable, the band nonetheless takes its moniker from Melville’s classic tale, Moby Dick.

The sound of the band, however, strikes listeners as far less…heavy, let’s say. The music leaps around playfully and frontman Michael LoPresti’s falsetto yelp comes off as happily fey, drawing immediate comparisons to Ra Ra Riot‘s Wes Miles. Honestly, for anyone who’s slightly disappointed with what’s been heard of that band’s new, sans cello, electronic-heavy album, The Lighthouse and The Whaler may well be your cure…but then again, what band likes stark comparisons like that? Let’s leave it at: “They’re really good; you should give them a listen.”

“Prove it,” you say? You are demanding, Reader…but will do. Download + listen to their album’s title track—”This is an Adventure”—below. You like? Continue your downward scrolling, Reader, and check out the whole album, which you can buy digitally directly from the band on their bandcamp page or via the iTunes if that’s more your jam.

The band will be touring in 2013, supporting Kindness of Ravens fave, matt pond PA (you can read our 2010 interview with Mr. Pond if you’re curious), and the also awesome Jukebox the Ghost. They’ll be at Webster Hall February 8th and you, but find a full show listing on TL+TW’s Facebook page.

Alright, Reader, stay tuned for further posts of a most seaworthy nature. Extra credit to anyone who preps with this handy list of nautical terms. Our favorite—chock-a-block! As in, “Troy, that page layout is chock-a-block all to hell! Shake a leg and up your leading or I’ll give you a shot across the bows and may well have you walk the plank, lad!”

That was Admiral Katie saying all that, by the way.

This is an Adventure by The Lighthouse and the Whaler