Hot summer, indeed, Reader. Hot summer indeed. As raven + crow gear up to fly the coop and we all prepare for some warm-weather time off, we leave you with our current top ten summer songs, to help ‘get the party started,’ as they say.

We’ve got a little something for everyone—the RAC remix of Katy Perry (yes, Katy Perry) song that Katie and I have been putting on repeat of late as we host two-person dance parties at home (sorry, neighbors); a new, slightly crazed and catchy as hell track from Passion Pit‘s forth-coming sophomore album; a summer jam from Major Lazer (AKA, Diplo, that guy from all the TV commercials); another hard rocking party number from Canadian rock duo, Japandroids; some nice light summer pop from Jersey’s Real Estate; impassioned, melody-driven hip-hop from another Canadian (happy belated Canada Day guys), Cadence Weapon; another appearance from Diplo as he remixes Sleigh Bell‘s “Demons”; a re-post (because we love it so much and it’s oh so summery) from South Brooklyn neighbor, Sean Bones; a remix of RAC‘s (AKA, Andre Allen Anjos) first ever original track; and an island-infused song from Tanlines‘ superb debut full-length, Mixed Emotions.

Enjoy these fine tunes with fine friends, a fine drink in-hand, and hopefully far, far, far from a computer screen or any un-summery concerns, worries, or obligations.

Expand the player to the bottom left if you are in-front of a computer to listen to the whole list or click/right-click individual tracks to listen to them one at a time.

Note: Songs posted to this blog are kept online for a limited period of time out of fairness to the artists and, you know, our server. So if this is now an older post, the links may well be dead. Buy more music!