Reader, you may well recall roughly a year ago when we discovered the wonderful music of the very talented Keegan Dewitt (above, right). Understandably, we were intrigued and—I’ll say it—threatened by the man’s talent, which seemed to span the breadth of anything even relatively cool. Acting, movie-making, DJ-ing, opening NYC restaurants + hotels, it seemed like he had a hand in everything and, frankly, we were kind of jealous. Maybe a little mad.
Never ones to back down from our own insecurities and fears, we instead addressed them head-on, interviewing DeWitt about his music career and many other slightly related to totally unrelated topics (like face-eating cats and tattoo removal).
Now fully settled in his new-ish home of Nashville, DeWitt has teamed up with multi-instrumentalist, Jeremy Bullock (above, left), to form the band Wild Cub. Wild Cub’s music still thankfully leans heavily on DeWitt’s keen song-writing skills, nice melodic vocal hooks, and danceable beats but brings in some light island- and African-derived rhythms, weaves in some brightly strummed guitars that veer towards early Talking Heads, and finish the sound off with some noticeable 80’s new wave and pop influences, especially in the keyboard + drum machine realm. 
Wild Cub graciously granted permission to us to include their superb song, “Wild Light,” in the closing credits of the short film we just made for On My Block Films (detailed in today’s earlier post), which you can also hear below as this week’s Song. 
Think this is your jam? We commend on your high level of taste. Now head over to the band’s site to download another free track they just debuted, stream their debut LP in over at MTV Hive, and check them out live at Piano’s in NYC next Tuesday as they celebrate the release of said LP, Youth, which you can pre-order and download here
Band photos by Beau Burgess.
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