The Head and the Heart • Down in the Valley

We’ve been pretty busy both blog-wise and actual-work-wise of late, so we haven’t had a chance to post about a band we’ve been really really diggin’ on the past couple months—Seattle’s The Head and The Heart.

We heard this week’s Song of the Week, “Down in the Valley,” back around SXSW, and it became one of those pieces of music that slowly creeps into your subconsciousness and wraps itself around your heart until you start to miss it when it’s not playing. It’s truly beautiful, rootsy music that’s sincere and touching in it’s nakedness. And it’s based on solid song-writing and really sweet melodies to boot.

Give “Down int he Valley” a listen and, if you like what you hear, head over to their site to download another really nice, slightly more rollicking number—”Lost in My Mind.” You can pick up their brand new self-titled full-length on CD, vinyl, or ones and zeroes over at Sub Pop or at a independent record store new you.