raven + crow studio now has an apparel line! We’ve been meaning to officially announce this for a while now, but wanted to wait until everything was available online.

The line, which we’ve dubbed The Kindness Collection, is available through mooshoes.com and in-store at MooShoes LA + MooSheos NYC. The designs for the shirts are based on the prints we did last winter but, truth be told, it took us a while to get everything in order for the shirts themselves as we had some pretty rigorous, self-imposed requirements for how they were to be made.

We’d first considered going the American Apparel route, but, with rumors of the company soon moving production overseas to China and the creepy ex-CEO who (we hear) is actually very much still involved in the company, we decided to take our time on these to make sure we lined up a team we could really be proud of.

In the end, we found a great, smaller scale apparel company located right here in Los Angeles that pays their workers fairly and sources a variety of innovative, sustainably made materials—ours are a mix of soft, organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles. The final cost of making shirts this way inevitably higher, but our hope is that our customer will understand that this is a reflection of us not wanting to cut corners in the process—paying local workers what they should be paid, not what we can get away with paying; lessening our ecological footprint, as it were, with the production of the line; and relying on small, local businesses to keep our money local.

Check them out online or in-store and let us know what you think.

We’re small-batching the shirts for now so we can switch up designs and keep things fresh, so keep an eye out for new ones in the winter/spring.

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