Nearly two years ago, social media totally paid off for us in a tangible, direct way that we could see plainly, drawing an unbroken line from action to reaction. That instance involved a salad.

Not any salad, mind you. It was a really, really good salad from a vegan café around the corner from our old design studio in Brooklyn, Sun in Bloom, a place we miss dearly in our work days now. It’s a massaged kale salad and it’s topped with this great raw, vegan, house-made burger, which, to some of you sounds great, I imagine, and sounds disgusting to others. But I swear, naysayers, it is a great salad and a great café.

But I digress! As I’m wont to do, I posted a photograph of our lunch to Instagram that cold day in January which, as you guessed, was that salad. Aimee, the owner of Sun in Bloom, shared the photo on Facebook and thanks our studio for the shot. A couple of days later, we were contacted by the owners of the boutique real estate firm, Garfield Realty, who frequent Aimee’s restaurant and saw the photo on Facebook. They got in touch to see if we could help them take their newly acquired company in a new direction with their branding, design materials, and overall messaging.

Thus started our work with Garfield Realty, focusing in on an ad campaign at first and then evolving that work into other projects, the most recent and largest of which—Garfield’s site redesign—was recently completed.

You can see more images from the site and read through our breakdown of the work in our portfolio; visit the site itself to see it in full. When you do, be sure you do some searches for homes that’ll result in zero hits—you’ll get some relatively witty, rotating text that we wrote.

But we just wanted to use this space to let everyone out there know that, yes, indeed, every now and then all that time and work that goes into a social media presence that sometimes…most times feels 100% futile…sometimes it’s 100% worth it.

Actually, not only did that photograph that Sun in Bloom shared result in a new client, it also resulted in us meeting Paul Singh, a friend of Elizabeth’s and, now, one of our best Web developers, with whom we’ve worked on Web sites for the United Nations and many other clients, Garfield included, and through whom we started working with A Better LA.

For anyone interested, here’s that salad.

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