This track just hit our inboxes and we dig it.

“Folded Out” intricately layers trilling, climbing guitars and choral vocals to result in a surprisingly deep, sweeping song that jumps from intimately quiet moments to raucously melodic ones.

The band behind the song, NY-/NJ-based Stolen Jars, is made up, at its base, of twenty-something duo Cody Fitzgerald + Molly Grund.

Of the song, Fitzgerald writes:

“I started writing “Folded Out” in the middle of the night. Molly and I had stayed up making Joseph Cornell-esque boxes. As the night went on, the boxes got better, the music got better. The song came out of that moment.”

Listen + download below. Easterners—catch the fully built-out band over the next few months:
7.26 Brooklyn, NY – Pete’s Candy Store
8.15 Paterson, NJ – Paterson Art Factory
9.20 Providence, RI – Nissan’s Lair (sorry—no clue where that one is)