IMG_6442Katie’s recent loquat jamming party and subsequent Instagramming of resulting preserves (seen to the right there) has prompted me to write up the new favorite design product in our home—this handmade stained glass trivet, a one-of-a-kind piece created by Los Angeles-based artist, Debbie Bean.

Originally a photographer by trade, Bean seems to have led quite an interesting life, documenting the burgeoning Brooklyn indie music scene, then moving back to Los Angeles and broadening her visual arts training, “apprenticing under a master Tibetan monk, studying the ancient tradition of Tibetan Painting”. She then hit the road with the band Stone Temple Pilots before, most recently, returning to a childhood love of stained glass artwork.

Bean now enjoys a living making beautiful, unique stained glass pieces ranging from decorative hangings to jewelry to home goods, like this trivet, a thing we never knew we needed until we saw it and needed it terribly.

You can see more of Debbie’s work and purchase it directly from her on her Web site; check her stockists page for stores in Southern California + San Francisco that carry her work (we got this at Individual Medley in Atwater).

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