Holy shit, Reader.

We originally had big plans for this week—picture your computer screen covered with glitter + dancing cats—THAT!

Then the world happened—a major, commerative-date-specific site launch for the UN combined with a ton of other deadlines and a week-ending business/pleasure trip to LA (tomorrow) equals us with sparks coming out of ours heads.

And, you know, no blog posts.

So, honestly, sincere apologies for the lack of writing on music/vegan food/that random thing we like, but we’ll hit you up when we’re back in a week with some MAD COMPENSATION! California-style!

In the meantime, enjoy this Holga (above) I took years ago of the dreamy hills south of San Francisco (I know it’s far away, but I don’t HAVE any arty shots of LA yet).

And this.

You’re welcome.