For any who don’t already know, Brooklyn’s long-running foodie fair Smorgasburg opened its western counterpart in Downtown Los Angeles last weekend and—totally side-stepping the fetishization of food in general, the undeniable Brooklyn-ization of LA, and how all these damn New Yorkers are ruining this fine city (ahem)—Smorgasburg LA is really worth a visit, especially for vegans.

Whereas none of the food vendors are explicitly, totally vegan, many if not most have some really great animal-free eating options, amongst them, our friend Minh Phan of porridge + puffs who does a great rice porridge topped with housemate pickles and savory jams; vegan grilled cheese from Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese; vegan slices from skater-pizza connoisseurs Pizzanista; Japanese-style rice balls from Mama Masubi; vegan ego donuts from Donut Friend; and vegan options on a ton of other stuff we have yet to try like pozole, tacos, deserts, and everything else under the unforgiving sun (it’s pretty hot of late).

SmorgLA runs every Sunday from 10AM-6PM on the site of the Alameda Produce Market in Downtown Los Angeles. You can find more information and a full vendor list on their site.

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