A new entry in our up until now unformed must-read short books list—the updated, illustrated version of Food Rules from food guru Michael Pollan.

I, for one, recoil by nature when I feel like someone’s telling me what to do, so I was hesitant to read anything presented as rules for eating. “Who are you to tell me what to do? Why do you know better than me or anyone else?” That kinda thing.

But after Katie read the book and loved it, and after getting through the brief introduction that presents these more as suggestions based more on cultural wisdom and traditions and the reasons behind than faddish science, I gave the short volume a try. Honestly, it’s changed how we think about food and, thus, how we cook and eat. Obviously, being longtime vegans, we already thought about food a lot. And me being someone who loves to cook at home from scratch, we were already doing pretty well in my opinion. But this book helped us really even more thoroughly examine our relationship with food in a really healthy way. And it’s readable in a single sit, which is always nice.

Highly recommended for foodies and just people who eat food. Which is all of us, last I checked.