Reader, we mentioned recently that we’d be taking some time away from our keyboards to travel to Los Angeles, working from there, spending some time with some of our West Coast clients, and—most importantly—getting away from this terribly drawn-out New York “spring,” with its 40° mornings, grey skies, and frost warnings spanning well into May.

Honestly, we weren’t 100% sure what to expect—we’ve both been through LA, but neither of us had ever spent any significant amount of time in the city and, given the years of conditioning we’ve undergone in New York City being convinced that LA is our flighty, always-high, ne’er-do-well sister city, expectations weren’t exactly stellar.

But—all New York City jaded sarcasm aside—we loved it. Surprisingly so.

From its clichéd (but well-warranted) paradisiacal weather, to its amazing food chock-a-block full of vegan options, to its wealth of easy-to-access outdoor activities and beautiful views, we fell hard.

So we’re dedicating this week to the west coast and its populous star city, LA, with posts on the art + culture out there (no; it exists!), the burgeoning food scene, and interviews with friends from all corners who now happily call the City of Angels home.

Stay tuned—we recommend an SPF of 15+ for this week’s reading.