We’re holding a cocktail benefit for local non-profit Art for Animals’ Sake at MooShoes LA Saturday night and, as part of the art-centric, rat-centric event, our design studio created these limited edition prints that’ll be available night of.

The Rattie Uprising, as AAS is calling it, will feature artwork for sale to benefit the group, like our prints; vegan food + cocktails; and general merriment and celebration in honor of our smaller animal friends. Much like the raven + crow, the rat’s been stigmatized largely in western culture, so we feel our furry friends’ pain and are happy that someone’s giving voice to them.

Below, some fun facts about rats paired with adorably cute photos of them and a promo video, all courtesy of David Walega of Art for Animals’ Sake.

If you’re in the LA area Saturday, check out info on the event and RSVP via Facebook.

TRU_ratfacts_cleaning_small TRU_ratfacts_laughing_small TRU_ratfacts_sleeping_small