Long-time clients, Farm Sanctuary, just released a new ad that makes a pretty compelling case against bacon and the like.

Created by Culver-City-based One/x Agency, the 36-second stop motion spot takes the cute, endearing route rather than the shock-and-awe one, which we can get behind. Siting scientific studies that show pigs consistently beating both chimps and three-year-olds at video games, the ad aims to deepen our understanding of these intelligent creatures.

Find out more about pigs used for food on Farm Sanctuary’s site.

And next time you’re thinking of chowing down on some bacon or ham, maybe picture Winston, to the right there. Winston was found wandering down the streets of Queens, New York, where—with so many live markets—such sightings are more common than one might think.

Read Winston’s full story—it’s a good one.