If you happen to be looking for an escape from the family togetherness this holiday week, or are just looking for a new show to binge-watch, we highly recommend that you check out Aziz Ansari‘s new Netflix show, “Master of None”.

Even if you’re not a fan of Ansari’s stand-up or you think Tom Haverford’s “treat yo self” persona is a bit much on Parks and Rec, you should still give “Master of None” a go.

Not only does Ansari play a more grounded, tamer version of his stand-up and Haverford selves, and not only is the primary cast of “Master of None” wildly diverse (Ansari, playing Dev + Taiwanese-American friend, Brian + African-American lesbian, Denise + giant, white, muppet-like Arnold) but the writing’s intelligent and funny without going over-the-top (thanks mostly to Ansari himself + writing partner/co-creator Alan Yang).

For instance, there are all of these moments you have watching the show where you can suddenly see where it would go as a typically, get them laughing at all costs show, and it never takes the easy way out. Ansari’s character gets wasted at a bar with a bunch of women and doesn’t cheat on his grind but instead discusses feminism with them and talks himself out of a job…that kind of thing. And it still totally works. Better than that, it’s a refreshing departure from what we’ve come to expect in comedies, even the best of them these days.

So give it a try if you trust our taste. We’re wagering you’ll like it. Trailer below. Ansari’s also got a good article in the Times on acting and race in Hollywood.