Taking a break from politics (and from taking a break), we’re releasing our November mixtape today—the last of new music for the year since next month’s mix will feature songs from our top albums of the year.

The mix features some really great songs from artists new and not-so-new to us, starting with a brilliant one from Brooklyn’s Computer Magic (AKA, Danielle “Danz” Johnson, whom we interviewed on these pages a little while back); a hot-off-the-presses track from indie-art-dance band Rubblebucket; a boisterous one from Portland, Oregon’s Y La Bamba; an awesomely glitchy entry from newcomer Shaprece; downtempo, moving, folky pop from Sweden’s Many Voices Speak; a highlight from the welcome, post-record-contract-trouble return of longtime favorite Matt Pond PA (really ancient interview we did with him here); some hazy dream pop from Canadian band Teen Daze; one of our favorite tracks from the new Kate Tempest (who does not pull punches, to say the least); keeping with Tempest’s anti-gentrification theme and Pond’s welcome return theme, New Zealand’s Cut Off Your Hands is back with the single, “Hate Somebody”; a quietly clever song from an artist we don’t know a ton about, Chicago’s Show You Suck (but c’mon, a dude who name-drops Purity Ring and Daria in the same song has gotta be cool, right?); a beautifully beat-driven, slow-burner from NYC’s Elliot Moss; a brand new one from another New Yorker—Theophilus London (featuring LA’s Ariel Pink); some solid indie-pop from Sweden’s Mary Onettes; more great Swedish music from the Falun band Francis; and, finally, an epic new track from Nick Murphy, FKA Chet Faker.