Our monthly mixtape this October is an eclectic accumulation of new sounds that’s largely more restrained and introspective than usual; we blame autumn finally arriving in Los Angeles.

We’ve got a brand new track from favorite Mr Little Jeans (you can read our 2014 interview with her and/or check out our Mr Little Jeans-inspired new year’s/holiday card [we’re fans]); a catchy number from Brooklyn’s Acrylics; new new wave post-punk from Amsterdam’s Klangstof; upbeat indie pop from LA’s Ghost Lion; a beautifully subtle electronic track from Australia’s Woodes; a song from Louisiana weird-core artist froyo ma featuring Nick Hakim; power pop from Minnesota’s Hippo Campus; some good vibez from the new Lykke LiMiike SnowPeter Bjorn + John Swedish super-group Liv (described as Li as “the love child of ABBA and Fleetwood Mac”); a dance-y number from London’s Annabel Jones;  some shoe-gaze-y pop from Philly’s small circle; beautiful strangeness from Cuddle Magic; breezy, driving pop from Little Children—AKA, Stockholm-based producer Linus Lutti; real talk from Swet Shop Boys—Heems formerly of Das Racist + Riz MC, AKA the dude from HBO’s The Night Of (which you should totally watch if you haven’t already); and a soaring, broad-scope symphonic piece from Montreal’s Plants and Animals.