Music today from New York City’s Niia Bertino, better known by her simplified stage name, Niia.

Niia was chosen as one of ten breakout artists of 2014 by our very own Mr. Jason Bentley, czar of all things musical in Los Angeles and music director at our local public radio station, KCRW. With her smooth, soulful voice and impressive pop hooks, we’d be inclined to agree with Mr. Bentley on his choice. Case in point, her single “Body”, from her Generation Blue EP, released this past October. It’s tamely likable enough to appeal to everyone from edgy seekers of breakout pop to the moms of edgy seekers of breakout pop and its catchy chorus will likely have you humming the tune all day long.

Scrolling through Niia’s soundcloud page, she’s got quite a few songs that are available for free download, including a number of pretty great covers (anyone who knows, much less covers, Jai Paul’s BTSTU is good by me) to some impressive just-released collaborations between Niia and Providence producer, The Range (AKA James Hinton).

As if being a celebrated up-and-coming artist, coming from a long line highly talented musicians, and being a Bond girl (singer) wasn’t enough, Niia’s also given a Ted Talk on how she overcame severe stage fright and connecting with your audience. It’s actually really funny/touching—check it out below too.