We’re not really behind the concept of ‘superfoods’, truth be told—we love fermented foods and appreciate that they’re good for us as a beneficial side-effect, but we don’t think that popping alai berries or downing green smoothies are our bodies’ salvation.

We were, however, huge fans of Greek-style yogurt—thick, creamy, and far more savory + tangy than it is sweet.

Our go to for a dairy-free, vegan, cruelty-free version used to come from Wildwood, but they changed their recipe years back so that their yogurt—like most other vegan ones on the market—is sweet, even when unflavored. So whenever we come across a new vegan yogurt that claims to be Greek-style or even just not sweet, we give it a try.

On our last trip to Ojai, California, we swung by the local natural foods store, Rainbow Bridge (which is awesome, by the way), we noticed this one from San Luis Obispo-based company New Earth Superfoods and decided to give it a go. The verdict—it’s the best on the market in terms of Greek-style vegan yogurts. Not the least bit sweet, rich, with a subtle sharpness reminiscent of its dairy-based counterpart, the yogurt is superb on its own or with a little granola or fruit or even topping other savory dishes.

New Earth boasts a brick-and-mortar in lovely San Luis Obispo (which is a really cute college town and nice stop to or from San Francisco) that’s open Tuesday-Sunday and they seem to offer even more vegan-friendly products in-store (like a dairy-free probiotic cheese).

Now that we’re back in Los Angeles, we’ve looked into who carries their products in-town—Lassen’s does, but we don’t shop their given their owners’ strong, anti-queer stance and past actions; it looks like a place called Grassroots in Pasadena carries them not far too though, so maybe we’ll stop by there before our next Ojai jaunt. The cost of a one container is pretty significant (about $20), but it’s really worth it in our opinion. And you get a handy little Mason jar!

New-Earth-Yogurt_3645 New-Earth-Yogurt_3643