We realized the other day—we’ve been so caught up in music and the visual arts and insanely irresponsible corporations that we haven’t written about food in ages! And yes, music and the arts are food for your very soul that cannot and should not be held back from the outstretched arms of any human being…but food is actual food…that literally cannot be lived without. So who are we to ignore it?

Especially when it’s as amazing as this: The Vegan Carrot Dog from Fritzi Dog.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Carrot on a bun? That sounds both ridiculous and terrible.” I would agree with you had I not had Fritzi’s delectable creation.

The Los Angeles hot dog specialist—situated in LA’s historic Farmers Market and co-created by Iron-Chef-winner Neal Fraser—doesn’t just throw some rabbit food on a hot dog bun. No. They take those things very seriously.

First, they marinate them in a blend of 35 spices. They then cook the carrots sous vide overnight to allow them to further absorb the spices and attain a giving-yet-un-mushy texture. Finally, they’re grilled to order and topped as you like, pulling from Fritzi’s generous and creative toppings selection (Sriracha matchup, anyone?).

You can read a more detailed breakdown of the process…and see a much more phallic photo of the dog over at LA Magazine.

So next time you’re in LA and craving an excellent, plant-based, cruelty-free, mystery-meat-free alternative to your standard hot dog, get ye to Fritzi. You will seriously not regret it. A side of fresh tots will push over the brink of fast food culinary ecstasy.

Vegans, as quarrygirl points out, stick to the Parker bun and the Gluten-Free bun; the others contain egg and/or dairy. 7.16 Update: Fritzi’s since changed up their bun options—go for the (awesome) pretzel bun, which is now the vegan option.