Keegan DeWitt • Colour

Keegan DeWitt is a dick. I’m sorry, but he is. Not because the guy stole my sandwich or was talking smack about me on the internet (ahem). No, Keegan DeWitt is a dick in the same way that, say, Ghandi was a dick. He’s one of those guys who just makes you feel intensely bad about your life. Like you don’t do nearly enough with your days on this fine earth, and the things you actually bother to do are kind of shit.

DeWitt—an Oregon native who now lives in both Brooklyn and Nashville, just to maximize the effective creative jealousy nation-wide—is an accomplished film composer, having scored multiple New York Times Critic’s Picks, IFC features, and SXSW selections; an independent film and off-braodway actor who studied under such luminaries as David Mamet and Phillip Seymour Hoffman; he DJs and releases underground mixes under the name “Wild Cub”; and, to make ends meet upon first moving to New York, he helped to open various high-falutin’ restauranteurs and hoteliers open various high-falutin’ restaurants and hotels. You know. Instead of selling old CDs or something.

To top it all off, he can write a mind-numbingly beautiful pop song. JACKASS! Seriously though, having first heard this week’s Song of the Week—”Colour”—last week, I was floored. And then I listened to an older single. Again, floored. Another—floored.

The dude’s. A. Dick.

Don’t believe me? Check out “Colour” and see what I mean. You will totally hate him too. And we highly recommend giving August’s “Thunder Clatter” a listen too. So good. ARG!