Dom is a band/guy we were lucky enough to catch during the CMJ Music Marathon a little earlier this year. Well. Sort of. Sadly, we actually saw about one tenth of one song before we mistakingly jetted over to an adjoining room to check out what we THOUGHT was an awesome band from England…but what turned out to be a horrid car crash of a band from England. At that point though, it was far too late to turn back, Dom’s room having become packed with less anglophilic, less jump-the-gun types. But we added Dom to our list of Bands to Check Out Post-Festival. Having done that, we must say—we like what we hear. Blissed out, melody- and keyboard-driven songs that make you wish beach days were here again. Check out this week’s Song of the Week, “Burn Bridges,” to hear what we’re talking about and then head on over to their somewhat light on information, heavy on photo collages MySpace page to hear more. And, if you like it, you can order the vinyl 10″ of their EP, Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, from Insound here.