If  you’re wondering what we’ve been listening to int he studio lately, it’s this:

Brooklyn’s LEGS bills itself as “a band that makes music for the body”. So you can drop that primary care physician that isn’t working out for you.

Their white boy soul does keep the body moving though, so maybe there’s something to be said for that. They elaborate though:

“LEGS is 100% Guaranteed to make you feel Athletic, Kinetic, Sexy, Benevolent, Cosmopolitan, Declamatory, Exotic, Extroverted, Hungry, Naive, Nocturnal, and Possibly Wry. LEGS is Considered Highly Absorbent, Effervescent, Warm And Slightly Funky. LEGS Comes on Strong And Always Leaves you Satisfied.”

Hm. Those guys like title case.

Formed just last year by two brothers and a childhood friend and rounded out with a pair of Ecuadorian brothers for good measure, the band’s just getting started, it seems, and we’re excited by what we’re hearing so far. Their lead single, “High Time”, starts of with a smoothly building organ line that (spoiler alert) pops into tightly grooving pop gem that we’re literally ending every work day with of late. Maybe it’s the Pavlovian dogs in us, but we’ve started to crave salty snacks and festive libations as soon as we hear those first opening notes.

See if you can set up as positive a psychological pairing as we have: Give their American-Apparel-looking EP a listen above and, if you like it, download it for free via the band’s site (upper right) or on their SoundCloud page. Follow the band via Facebook to catch them live. You can also check out their video for “High Time”—directed by Javier Andrade—below.

Photo – Catalina Kulczar-Marin.