A couple months ago, we got an email from a friend who had a friend whose other friend was in a band out in the LA called White Arrows. Got it?

We played it cool, holding off on giving their stuff a listen right away—not out of some boring LA-NYC rivalry or because we’re actually cool but more because we happened to be happily sifting through quite a deluge of new music at the time. Recently though, after adding their tracks to a playlist, I caught myself walking down the street and singing one of theirs songs out loud, which is one of the many Is This Band Good tests. Others include Number of Songs Featured in Grey’s Anatomy, Number of Times Frontman/woman Can Rephrase “How Are You All Doing Tonight”, and the all-powerful Hiwere Test—”Hi, we’re White Arrows,” good; “Hi, we’re We Need a Password It Could be Helicopter,” not so good.

So it seems fitting to feature White Arrows with today’s Music Monday. They’re song, “8050 (Too Fast, Too Slow),” has not, to my knowledge, been played under a steamy scene of doctors making out in a broom closet, but it has been stuck in my head lately and, I have to say, I like it a lot. You can hear the rest of the EP on the band’s Bandcamp page.