Florence + the Machine • Shake It Out

Ah. You know what? It’s really comforting to see that, after all the success won and accolades attributed to her, all very much due her, Florence Welch—AKA, Florence + the Machine—has not gotten lazy. She still delivers beautiful, soaring, dynamic, dramatic pop that’s really, really hard not to like. And to top it all off, by all accounts, she appears to absolutely love what she’s doing. Even if you can’t hear that in her vibrantly powerful voice, you can see it in her live shows and it’s undeniable. It’s also simply refreshing—seeing absolutely no airs being put on, just watching an artist love performing for her fans. That shit’s tight, man.

Reader, we’re going reach far back into the archives here to the summer of 2009, when we first wrote about Ms. Welch and her emotive, operatic music. It was way back when we still wrote reviews and the LA indie record label IAMSOUND was kind enough to send us Florence’s debut EP. Right, back when people still used to send CDs as well. We were pretty hooked right away, as you can tell by the four out of five caws. …did we mention we don’t do reviews any more?

Anyway,going off the couple tracks we’ve heard from it, we do not expect Florence’s sophomoric release, Ceremonials, to disappoint. It’s spooky release date is October 31, but you can hear “Shake It Out” now as this week’s Song of the Week. You can also pre-order the album in all it’s various forms on Ms. Welch’s site. And check out the appropriately theatrical video for the song below.