We woke up Sunday morning to find the above written out on our typewriter…along with a LOT of post-party debris. It was like a terrible, terrible piƱata had exploded. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks the ton of well-wishing and over-exuberant jubilation, friends.

This week’s Song of the Week is brought to you by Fierce Creatures. No, no, not the almost-sequel to A Fish Called Wanda. Fierce Creatures is a new band from Fresno (Fresno?) that sounds to us like some sort of hybrid of Local Natives and Freelance Whales and your other favorite indie folky rock-y band, but still manages to sound relatively un-derivative and fun as hell to listen to. Like if half the party you’re at suddenly started singing and playing in time. That didn’t happen this weekend, by the way. Our only complaint. Oh, plus, Australians: Please stop smashing things. In general and specific, I think.

While we wait for that request to come to fruition though, let’s all have a listen to Fierce Creatures’ beautiful and oddly titled “Satan is a Vampire,” from their debut EP, I Mostri Feroci. You can buy the CD over at Big Cartel and listen to more over at their MySpace page. Peace!