Alright, we promise to write about something that’s not music soon, but we are seriously seriously seriously obsessed with the band TEEN (all caps, seemingly) from NYC (and Halifax, seemingly?).

They truly reflect everything we love and nothing we hate about this whole indie psych revival and throw it up against the wall to reinvent it in a beautifully creative way, bringing in less buried, more vibrant vocals, great use of melodic electronics and vocal harmonies, and excellent lyrical content with provocative themes. They somehow remind us of an awesomer Warpaint that somehow melded with Braids and Dirty Projectors. Not that we like creative comparisons.

Just listen. Start at the beginning.

And—as I’ve already told multiple friends in NYC—go see them when they come to town. New York, they play Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus this Saturday with the also excellent Ava Luna. Go. Full tour dates via their Facebook page.

Album art by Rob Carmichael, SEEN.