We know, we know, we know. We missed a WHOLE WEEK of blogging. We’ve been tossing and turning at night, ridden with the guilt and emotional weight that came with the knowledge that, with each passing day, we were letting you down, dear reader. But rest assured that we do have an excellent excuse—It’s a blog, dudes. A blog. Barely even a real word. Plus we’ve been cray-cray busy lately.

See, that’s definitely not a real word.

So, with that out of the way, check out Portland, Oregon’s Lovers this Music Monday. They’re a three-piece outfit led by the elegantly dark lyricist and song-writer, Carolyn Beck, and backed by synthy Kerby Ferris and performance artist/percussionist Emily Kingan. The result is smooth, shadowy pop that’s edges glimmer with catchy hooks and emotive swooning. Totally good stuff. And, sadly, with all the cray-crayness lately, we missed their two shows in NYC this past week, but, if you can, catch ’em on their way back West this fall. This week’s Song of the Week is “Barnacle”, the opener from their brand new album, Dark Light, out now on Badman that iTunes thing.

Photo by Megan Holmes.