PAPA • I am the Lion King
Okay, first off, I KNOW, Reader—just last week we were talking about how it can be tough for us to get behind LA bands. And what do we have for you today? Yup, you guessed it—another LA band. You don’t have to be all up in our grill over it. WE KNOW we’re being contradictory. But we simply cannot stop hitting repeat on this song.

Said song is “I am the Lion King” from said LA band, PAPA. What follows is the complete list of what we know about LA band, PAPA:
1. They’ve got a search-engine-defeating band name;
2. They seem to be three dudes, maybe two, depending on the chronology of the photos we’ve seen online that aren’t of the Pope;
3. They seem to like the Raiders;
4. They also seem to like beards; and
5. They can jam out. In a good way.

If you’re on the east coast or, more specifically, in New York, fight this soul-crushingly oppressive Monday weather with this week’s Song, “I am the Lion King.” If you’re not on the east coast…I don’t what your weather’s like. Who do I look like, Al Roker? Sheesh.

You can check the rest of their EP, A Good Woman is Hard to Find, which is streaming below and, if you like it, buy via the iTunes link below or order it on 12″ vinyl via Hit City USA. And next week we promise you, like, FIVE bands from Brooklyn and Canada, just to make up for all this LA jazz.

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