North Highlands • Steady Steady

This week’s Song of the Week comes from Brooklyn’s own North Highlands. Their sound dances around many lines dividing musical breeds—from retro pop to new psych to good ol’ indie rock—but, for me, the thing that engenders a feeling of emotional attachment to them is the early 90’s K Records feel. Maybe it’s the light, playful guitars or barely there minimal drums or nice, clean poppy vocals, but they immediately bring me back to the days of listening of laying on bedroom floor and listening to Kicking Giant and Lois records. Their song—“Steady Steady”—is a great example of this light genre-bending and it happens to be a solid, cathy pop gem. Front-woman, Brenda Malvini (originally from North Highlands, CA, thus the geographically-displaced nomenclature), and her bandmates just released their debut album, Wild Ones, which you can preview and purchase both below and on their Bandcamp page. “Benefits” is especially awesome.

You can get the record over at iTunes too if you happen to have a gift card burning a whole in your pocket.

Photo: Adam Wissing