Superb NYC-based duo MS MR has been doing their part to promote fellow independent musicians ever since their success with last year’s debut full-length, Secondhand Rapture.

Since 2013, singer Lizzy Plapinger + producer Max Hershenow have been regularly releasing digital mix tapes that feature bands they’ve played with on tour and songs that keep them going during their seemingly non-stop touring around the world. Obviously, being in an active touring band is a great way to be exposed to music you might otherwise never hear, but it helps too that Plapinger co-founded Neon Gold Records, a boutique label with a history of tapping future pop geniuses like Passion Pit, Gotye, Magic Man, Ellie Goulding, and Mr. Little Jeans, to name a few.

Indeed, there are many a band that this writer’d previously never heard of before that I now count among some of my favorite independent musicians.

So what better way to start off your summer than with MS MR’s most recent mix tape, Track Addict Vol. IV. Stream the whole thing below; head to the band’s site for free download. You can find previous Track Addict editions there too.

Original art by Cornwall-based artist, Laurie McCall.