Reader, don’t freak out or anything, but we’re switching things up on you a little bit this week. Okay, okay, stop screaming + shaking your computer screen—it’s going to be alright. You’ll still get your weekly featured Song, it’ll just be coming tomorrow as part of our Find, which will be a larger piece on an exciting new book that’s just hit the shelves.

Today, though, we’re happy to present a follow-up piece on a great German band we told you at the onset of the new yearBOY. The duo, made up of Valeska Steiner (left, above) + Sonja Glass (right), creates beautifully catchy, accessible pop rooted in Steiner’s intimately approachable vocals + Glass’ melodic, folk-infused song-writing.Since that January post, we got a chance to catch the band live at one of their first ever stateside shows and, recently, got a chance to speak with the music-writing half of the duo, Sonja Glass.

Listen to the interview below to hear about BOY’s song-writing process, discover what speed dating for musicians is, find out what to do when you’re next in Hamburg, and learn—at long last—how to beat the system when choosing super powers.

What? It might come up….

The interview starts off with an excerpt from their song, “Little Numbers” and ends with a little bit of “Drive Darling,” both from BOY’s debut album, Mutual Friends, which you can buy for eight bucks over at iTunes. And you can still listen to “Little Numbers” + watch the video fro “Drive Darling” via that original January piece.

BOY will be making their way across the US over the next couple weeks, playing Minneapolis, Chicago, Montreal, Philly, and northern Virginia before hitting the Bowery Ballroom—hopefully with a full band—next Friday, March 29. You can see the full list of shows and buy tickets via the band’s Facebook page.