Truth be told, I personally was never a huge fudge fan. Sure, I’d partake on my yearly childhood trips to the Outer Banks in the summertime, but it was never something I craved or sought out especially.

That said, as soon as something becomes unattainable, it becomes wanted. And traditional fudge—made by heating sugar, milk, and butter—isn’t exactly vegan-friendly.

Enter NYC’s adorably named Mister Sister, vegan bakery extraordinaire and purveyors of some very fine fudge. As they put it on their Facebook page:

“We noticed it was hard to walk into the neighborhood coffee shop and consistently find a dairy & egg free treat. Extensive googling often left us frustrated and dessert-less! Mister Sister is stepping in. No treats that are vegan in your nabe? We’ve got you covered. Gluten-free options for our wheat-averse friends, of course. We’re also certified kosher pareve by the International Kosher Council under the supervision of Rabbi Zev Schwarcz. Handmade, small-batch baked goods made locally is what we specialize in. Eating well shouldn’t be hard, and we take that very seriously!”

Our friend, Erica sent us some samples a little while back and they did not disappoint. I’m not quite sure how they did, but the fudge tastes dead-on according to my childhood memories and anything but lacking in fudge’s traditional richness. And they even make a vegan marshmallow-filled S’mores version!

West coasters, our only current port of call for Mister Sister is Portland’s super-store, Food Fight. But if you happen to find yourself in New York (or Maryland), pick up some fudge! You can find a full list of vendors on MS’s site + on their Facebook page. You can also order online from the company’s Etsy page.