In anticipation of the release of her fourth full-length album—Phantom—later this month, Los Angeles singer-songwriter Madi Diaz put out a free/name your price sampler over the weekend. The collection, not-so-meekly titled Stripped Chopped + Screwed, was released via NoiseTrade and features four stripped-down acoustic version of tracks from the coming album and a remix.

We’re long-time Diaz fans—she’s got a sharp ear, quick wit, and knows how to craft a catchy, substantive pop song. We can only assume the new album will build off that skill set and continue to wow us. You can pre-order Phantom via the usual suspects (Madi’s got them all listed on her site); the sampler’s available for download at

Hear more from Madi Diaz and get her thoughts on the changing music industry, how this album differs from past work, and how break-ups suck…but are good fodder for song-writing in our April interview with Madi.

Below, a dance-y, hook-filled single from the coming album, “Tomorrow”.