Consider this an open love letter to Lagusta’s Luscious + sister bakery Sweet Maresa, the former of whom we just wrote up a few months back.

As we mentioned then, not only does this New Paltz, NY-based confection creation a whole array of vegan wonders for any lover of delectable sweets, they also use their culinary art as a means to talk about their collective devotion to feminism and celebration of the feline in an overtly masculine, oppressive world. I never would have tied sweets and feminism together, but I love it.

I also love the new treats from Maresa’s MooShoes NYC kindly sent over to our new west coast MooShoes—the Italian rainbow cookie (above), a 6.75″ x 3.75″ traditional marzipan meringue cake “made with natural colors, homemade organic almond paste, and filled with a peach beebalm jelly made from summer fruit and flowers, encased in fair trade dark chocolate” and these chocolate covered hot chocolate cookies filled with cinnamon marshmallows (below).

Why you gotta make us miss New York, Lagusta + Maresa? Why?

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