Reader, as you may know from the various…copious complaints penned on these pages, our part of South Brooklyn can be a bit skint when it comes to catering to the vegan crowd. Yes, we now have the bizarre/glorious Maimonide, the Usher-approved Sun in Bloom is near our office and awesome for lunch or weekend brunch, and—though its menu is belabored with meaty dishes—the hot new Columbia Water Front by-way-of Portland thai joint, Pok Pok, is actually great about giving up some exciting vegan options. And a DAMN good kefir lime infused gin + tonic (…more on Pok Pok later).

So you won’t be surprised when I tell you that the chalkboard sign appearing to the right stopped us in our tracks on our usual studio-to-home trek down Dean Street yesterday.

The sandwich board stood in-front of none other than Cobble Hill’s own One Girl Cookies—the much-loved neighborhood bake shop that just released their first cookbook and recently opened a second location in DUMBO. Though the shop hasn’t previously been very vegan-centric, we’ve always admired them as a small, locally run business with a nice eye for design. From their site:

“The personality of our cookies is reflected in the design of our shop. Aqua blue, vintage serving pieces. A handpainted family tree. Life size family photos. Lovely blue walls and patterned wallpaper. We like to think of it as old world charm, with a modern interpretation. Come on by for a visit..we’d love to have you.”

And now—vegan cookies! Or, to be more accurate and explain the mysterious departure from our usual Friday taciturnity, a VEGAN COOKIE VOTE! One Girl just announced their Vegan Cookies Sampler—a cute little bag of tasty, animal-friendly treats created to give their customers the say in which vegan cookies they’ll add to their regular offerings. But polls close at the end of the day Sunday, so we got to get our dessert on, people!

Above, I give you your candidates, pictured clockwise from the top: the reclusive, yet sage Spiced Cranberry Hermit; the globe-trotting Sesame Anise Biscotti; Dark Chocolate Espresso Sandie, the night owl; Maple Pecan Cookies, contender from parts north; and, last but far-from-least, the feisty ‘lil Gingersnap Chew.

Obviously we’d prefer to have them ALL made, and we have our own favorites, but we’ll let you be the judge. Drop by the shop—located on Dean Street, between Smith + Boerum Place/Court Street—pick up a bag of cookies ($2.50 each), and cast your vote, in person or on One Girl’s Facebook page. And, while you’re at it, let ’em know how psyched you are that they’re adding vegan items to their menu. We could use a little more of that around here.