The other night, Katie + I attended the launch party for Laika Magazine,  a new quarterly magazine from our friend + fellow designer, Julie Gueraseva. From the magazine’s Web site:

“You could say it is a vegan lifestyle magazine. Or you could say it is simply a clear assertion that a full, vibrant, exciting, interesting and satisfying life can be had — without ever having to inflict harm on another. This is not a hypothetical notion. This is the reality. And LAIKA MAGAZINE is a reflection of this undeniable reality. It is the place where compassion and innovation intersect.”

The premiere issue runs the gamut of fashion-forward, animal-friendly living from cruelty-free beauty tips to locally made ethical shopping to creative cooking tips, artist profiles, and rescued farm animals photo essays.

The layout is beautifully designed, with Julie’s trademark touch of organic, paint-inspired flourishes and thoughtfully curated photography, giving you an up-close, intimate exposure to the magazine’s subjects. Think a higher gloss Kinfolk Magazine minus the ever-present pretension. And all those dead animals.

Visit Laika’s Web site to find out more about the publication, download or order the premier issue ($6/$11), and subscribe to coming issues. Added incentive: Laika will be donating 10% of all magazine sales—both digital + print—to one of our favorite clients, Farm Sanctuary.

Keep an eye out at your local independent bookstore + animal-friendly spot as Laika begins to be picked up for distribution as well. We’re predicting big things for this one.

Cover photo of model Brandilyn Tebo by Melissa Schwartz, both vegan, as it turns out.