At the end of our blog’s first themed week—India Week—I have to say, it was quite a success. I mean, as much of a success as blog-related things can be, that is.

While we were fairly unsuccessful at finding any awesome indie Indian bands (I know, how can they resist the terminology?!), we did hear about Brooklyn-based, Red Baraat, who sounds very much like an awesome Indian marching band. And we subsequently found out about an Indian band named Indus Creed from our friend, Ravi. And no, they don’t sound like Indian Creed…more like Indian Dave Matthews, really…

Then we spoke with our good friend Shehzad on his new book that discusses the effects of outsourcing work to India. Later, during his book release party at DUMBO’s powerHouse Arena, Shehzad did his best to contribute to my growing collection of angry author autographs (above). That dude can’t even be mean when he tries.

Then we posted our somewhat crazy recipe for vegan malai kofta and handed the reins over to our friend Justin so he could talk about his love of India. If you’re learning for further travel writing on the subject, check out our friend Brian’s “outsourcing travel diary,” which, in his own words, is “poorly-formatted, and also combines the worst aspects of Shehzad’s insights and Justin’s understanding.” 

Also this week and totally unrelated to our blog…as far as we know…India beat Pakistan in their cricket match to proceed to tomorrow’s cricket world cup against Sri Lanka and Gandhi’s home state banned a new book about the memorable political leader because it was accused of claiming Gandhi may have liked dudes.

Next week, I don’t know what we’re doing, man. Probably catching up on all the work we didn’t do this week. But soon we’ll have some exciting content from the likes of Rebecca Gates and Mirah! I know!

Namaste, dear readers.