Maybe you’ve heard the new Dirty Projectors song on your local independent radio station or on your latest freewill through the endless black hole of the internet. It’s a bizarre, brooding, beautiful track that’s quickly becoming a favorite of ours in the studio and it’s got us excited to hear more new material from the band. But the track—titled “Keep Your Name”—takes on a whole new depth when you learn what it’s about: the break-up of Projectors frontman + primary song-writer David Longstreth and former band member Amber Coffman, now based here in Los Angeles.

We’re not going to make light of something as deeply affecting as the end of relationships or declare Team Longstreth/Team Coffman (though we applaud Coffman’s breaking of the sexual assault story on music publicist Heathcliff Berru earlier this year), but the song is good…and it pulls zero punches.

The video for “Keep Your Name” is co-directed by Longstreth and Kanye West’s creative director Elon Rutberg.