June is upon us, which is crazy, because I seem to remember counting down the new year, like, a few days ago, right?

Regardless of our lost time and the potential cause being alien abduction and/or just getting really, really old, new month means new mixtape, people. That’s how we do it these days.

This month—as always—we’re giving you the best one yet. That’s right—just like Lionel Messi, we just keep getting better and better.

June’s mix starts off with a brand new single from longtime favorites, Mates of State (who also just keep getting fucking better and who have a new EP out later this month); gives an inordinately strong showing for the Swedes in Little Children, Noonie Bao, and Westkust; provides another strong showing for Pacific Northwest bands with ‘pony’ in their name, with a new tracks from Motopony + Seapony; and a lovely new track from the excellent Salt Lake City/Chapel Hill duo, Mideau, who we interviewed last summer. And we finally give in to the alluring pop hooks of Nashville’s Kopecky. It was only a matter of time.

Give it all a listen below and visit our SoundCloud stream or scroll back through posts to hear past mix tapes.