We found this folded board book by Susan Deming a while back at a neighborhood used bookstore in Cobble Hill that we were once warned not to go into because we might “catch fire.” It’s not the most organized, fire-safe pace. Classic Brooklyn!

We totally love the form-over-function simplicity of this thing. “Here are some finches. This one’s a girl finch, this one’s a boy.” Are the males always red? Are the females always kind of glaring at the males like they did something effed up the night before when they were “out with the boys?” And what the hell is that porcupine about to do to that wren? Who knows. All we know is—this is pretty cool. And we like the illustration style and total lack of additional information. Take that, science and learning!

Click on the images to enlarge them. But don’t get scared if the raccoon’s all of a sudden giant and up in your grill—it’s not real. You’ll be alright.