Local favorite Golden Road Brewing has been slowly rolling out new packaging for their canned retail beers, focusing first on their flagship beers, the Point the Way IPA + their Hefeweizen. Formerly sold in boxes of traditional corrugated cardboard with designs printed directly on the surface, the new material’s a slicker, white stock that allows the designs to show through in more detail. The move’s an effort to both show off the photo-based layouts more effectively and let buyers know what they’re getting.

Co-owner, Meg Gill told Brewbound: ““Our original idea was to have a wrap-around image and show off the photography. But in a dark bar, nobody could see the name on our cans. It’s why we’ve decided to put it all up front and just tell consumers where the brand comes from.”

We like the original, raw feel of the old boxes (you can see one in the write-up we did of their excellent seasonal 2020 IPA), but we totally get where she’s coming from—we only realized after the switch to the new boxes that the Hefeweizen features the nearby + beloved Shakespeare Bridge (built in 1926).

And for anyone who hasn’t already tried it, the brewery’s Hefeweizen really is exceptional. I’m not usually much of a fan of that style of beer, but I was lucky enough to sample it right out of the vat on a brewed tour and loved its crisp, lemony taste. Definitely a winner to hold me over this summer as I wait for the Burning Bush to return.

That sounded dirty, didn’t it?

Happy weekend, all!