The beauty of color gradients in nature, in this case exhibited by a blood orange from the Hollywood Farmers’ Market. I’d say roughly Pantone 1665 -> Pantone 1805 -> Pantone 506 (at the deepest red on the left).

Which reminds me—the Hollywood Orchard is holding it’s first pick of 2015 this Saturday. I’ll be in attendance along with Katie, who’s now on the board of the organization, and we’ll all be gleaning fruit from participating members in the Beachwood area, donating the majority of the fruit to needy agencies in Los Angeles and making fun things from the rest.

We’ve written about the Orchard in past pages, but you can also find out plenty more about the group on their/our Web site. The pick starts at 845AM Saturday though, details here. They’re a ton of fun and totally worth the relatively early weekend morning.