Katie + I have a pretty long history of dressing up for Halloween; honestly, it’s one of our favorite holidays. It gives us all the thumbs-up to adopt visual themes that’d normally be considered macabre at best, darkly psychotic at worst; employ masks + costumes that allow us to take on whole new personalities; and eat copious quantities of sugary candy—what’s not to like?

This year, we took on a favorite classic—Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands, with the main character and a couple of his topiaries. Our friends got a couple quick shots (thanks Connor + Martha) since we were a little too preoccupied with party prep and hosting to get some better-staged photos, but it prompted us to gather some costume pics of old. So, below, enjoy some shots stretching back through almost ten years of dressing up together, with the exception of a year we traveled for a wedding and one where I phoned it in when we were moving the next day.

2014 – Tippi Hedren and a raven from The Birds (which made the finals for KCRW’s Masquerade costume contest last year)


2013 – Día de los Muertos with our friend, Hayden
r+c-halloween-2013 r+c-halloween-2013-2

2012 – Awkward family photo (with split photo backdrops attached to our backs—tricky at parties)
r+c-halloween-2012 r+c-halloween-2012-2

2011 – We attended a non-costumed Halloween wedding, but 2010 – owl + nest

2009 – Edgar Allen Poe and the raven
r+c-halloween-2009 r+c-halloween-2009-2

2008 – Katie played it solo as a black widow

2007 – Marionettes (a costume contest-winning year)

2006 – Tapping tabloids of the moment with Britney Spears + a cornrowed Kevin Federline

And 2005 – A proud showing as Mary-Kate + Ashley Olsen—you’re welcome