We’ve been a bit quiet here of late, especially on the new music front. But we assure you, it’s with good reason.

Since January of 2015, we’ve been sharing our monthly mixes of new music. But going into this new year, we felt the need to evolve the series into something new for fear of it all getting a bit tired.

So, after four years of sifting through thousands of new artists + songs and sharing with you over 700 tracks (no really, we did the math), we’re undergoing a bit of a brand refresh for these monthly mixtapes, partnering with our friends over at Whalebone Media, where these mixes will live from now on.

We’re also taking a new approach to both the artwork and the actual formats of the mixes. We’ll still be keeping to 15 songs most times and avoiding too much repetition, but we’re hitting the restart button à la dying right away in Super Mario Brothers, easing up on our usual one-year-rest rule for repeating artists. We’re also making the coverage of the mixes a little more conversational and exploratory with Whalebone and start doing some themed mixes, some of which will likely feature older favorite + hard-to-find tracks rather than just new music.

But what are you doing reading this still? Head over to Whalebone now to hear the new mix and read our conversation with them on some of our favorite tracks and the inspiration behind everything.

We’ll be following up sooner than later there with a new March mix that features our favorite picks for the upcoming SXSW Music Festival.

And if you’re worried about missing upcoming mix announcements, be sure to sign up for Whalebone’s newsletter. You can also follow us directly on our Mixcloud page and on Instagram, where we’ll be sure keep announcing these.

Thanks for the continued listening as we grow this series, friends.